Mudras are used in yoga and meditation to help you seal your energy and set an intention—two aspects of your practice that can be especially helpful during the hectic holiday season. Here, Coral Brown, a licensed mentalhealth counselor and senior Prana Vinyasa Flow teacher, shares four great mudras for this time of year:

By Meghan Rabbitt


This is named after the eagle that Vishnu—the lord of preservation—rides. It can help you cultivate the discipline you need to stick with your daily yoga practice when life gets busy. Turn your hands so that the palms face up, and cross your right hand over your left, interlacing your thumbs.


This is great if you need a quick pick-meup, as it elicits the vitality that resides within our prana, or life force. Extend your arms forward and bring the thumb, ring, and pinky fingers of each hand to touch while lengthening the index and middle fingers.


This reminds us that the true nature of the Self, or our fundamental essence, is transcendent, unchanging, pure, and whole. Bring each thumb to the base of the ring finger in Tattva (reality or truth) Mudra.


This is named after the Hindu deity who removes obstacles, which can make the mudra especially powerful during this season. Bring your palms to touch, then swivel your hands so that your fingertips point toward opposite elbows, with your right palm facing your heart. Bend your fingers and slide your hands across each other until your fingers lock.

This article was first published in the print edition of Yoga Journal Singapore, which is now Yogahood Online.