Ustrasana (Camel Pose)


Creates length in your quadriceps and hamstring muscles; shows you what it feels like to press down with your feet to open your chest


Step 1:Come to kneel on your shins and the tops of your feet.

Step 2 : Lift your chest toward the ceiling, finding length in your spine and sides. Don’t squeeze your glutes, tuck your pelvis, or press your thighs forward; instead, engage your inner thighs.

Step 3:Begin to curl your upper spine backward. Release your arms and let them swing behind you to catch your feet.

Step 4:Press your feet down to lift your chest more. Tuck your shoulder blades, as you do in Matsyasana.

Step 5: Hold for 3–5 breaths. To come up, press your feet down and lengthen your spine. Let your head come up last.


Written by Cyndi Lee

This article was first published in the print edition of Yoga Journal Singapore, 
which is now Yogahood Online.