Hood Rules

Dear Yogahood user,

Welcome to this wonderful community of yoga lovers!

Please do take some time to read the rules below. Yoga plays a big role in ensuring health and wellness, as well as compassion and respect for others. Keeping this in mind, we hope all members will abide by the guidelines below and not misuse your account to post content that may be deemed suspicious or fundamentally wrong, or un-yogic.

  • You must be at least 18 years old.
  • Your account email should be a valid one. No fake names allowed.
  • You must respect similar studios or products like yours, and not post malicious content to undermine their authority. This is a common platform for many users in the same community.
  • You cannot use abusive language.
  • You cannot post nude pictures of yourself or others.
  • You cannot pretend to be someone else. No doppelgangers or avatars allowed.
  • You cannot put a fake studio or product. We verify your studios and events, btw.
  • You cannot copy content that belongs to other members. It’s called plagiarizing and we take it seriously.
  • You must respect all religions, race, genders and ethnicities. No hate speech allowed.
  • Your reviews should be cordial and honest. Abusive and foul languages will be removed.
  • You can post testimonials about your Yogahood Online experience by sending us an email.
  • You cannot malign or spread false information about Yogahood Online, Yoga Journal Singapore or the parent company, Sankia Wellness Pte Ltd.
  • You must keep your posts related to yoga, health or wellness.
  • You must not criticize people, studios, products or certain events for a personal motive.
  • You will not post content about politics or news that undermines fellow yogis.
  • You cannot complain about Yogahood Online’s decisions, designs or emails. (Hey, You must love us for creating this amazing online community!)
  • You cannot talk ill about another business, whether it’s listed here or not.
  • You must speak the truth about your business. No fake news.
  • You can expect an email from us if we see anything that needs to be edited.
  • You cannot put religious sermons on this site. (see next point)
  • You must read this bullet point carefully. Some yoga texts come from ancient wisdom in Hindu texts, such as the Upanishads and Vedas. If you have events or products that link such texts or preachings to yoga, you can display them on our site. But you cannot promote Hinduism or any other religion through such texts or events, nor can you denigrate other religions.
  • You must adhere to all our guidelines or Yogahood moderators can remove content that we feel are not aligned with hood rules.
  • You can contact us via email kf you want to flag a problem about the site or an issue related to someone else’s post.
  • You must be kind and respectful. If we’ve said this before, we want to repeat it.
  • You must read this point to carefully. We hold the right to block your account or even take legal action, if necessary, if we feel your content violates above mentioned Hood Rules.

Remember, if you want to go fast, you can go alone. But if you want to go far, let’s go together.

Thank you,


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