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At Sankia Wellness, we create content and digital marketing strategies exclusively for companies that focus on wellness. The sole purpose is to increase brand awareness, boost sales and help you grow your business.

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The Wellness industry is one of the few sectors that will continue to do well during and after the coronavirus crisis as more and more people turn their attention to staying healthy and boosting their immune system and wellbeing.

The question worth asking: Are they buying your products or services yet?

According to a report by McKinsey, companies that have accelerated their approach to digital marketing during the COVID-19 pandemic have shaped their future. Among those are brands that focus exclusively on health and wellness!

The $4 trillion wellness industry is expected to grow exponentially in the near future as consumers seek wellness escapes, wellness travel, wellness @work, and a holistic wellness lifestyle. They want to eat the right stuff, apply the right stuff, do the right stuff, and simply be mindful about the right stuff.

If you own a wellness brand and people still don’t know much about you, YOU ARE MISSING OUT!

But it’s never too late. This is where Sankia Wellness comes in.

Why Sankia Wellness ?

We are dedicated to grow businesses that serve a healthy purpose – be it for the body, the gut, the mind or the spirit.

As the name implies, we are a wellness company ourselves. Not only do we create content marketing strategies for others, we partner with many wellness companies to host events, publish books and magazines (Yoga Journal Singapore and Yogahood Online are our publications!), and we help run yoga and wellness festivals and retreats.

Our team is made up of international journalists, publishers, digital marketing experts, entrepreneurs, marketing gurus, web developers, designers and social media consultants. We all have one thing in common – a high regard for companies that make products and offer services to improve health and wellness of others.

In short, if your mission is to help make people happier and healthier, that’s ours too!

How can we help?

We take your brand in our hands and create customized content to promote it. From suggesting articles based on what people are searching for to creating multimedia content geared towards your target audience, we help you amplify that content through newsletters, social media and content discovery platforms.

We give you data-driven reports on how your content marketing is helping grow your business.

We don’t believe one size fits all, and so we customize the content and marketing to suit your vision. Not only do we try and understand your brand but we also like to know the people behind it, and we help build their profile. We help you establish a unique tonality that sets you apart.

Our goal is to create content that will help sell your brand – even when you’re sleeping.

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Website content / Blog posts
  • Interviews: Print, Video or Podcast
  • Brochures, Books & White Papers
  • Copy for Advertisements
  • CSR and ESG documents
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Newsletter Management
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Management
  • Graphic Design & Development
  • Google Analytics
  • Web Design & Development
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • Other tools (Browser extension, Gamification etc.)
  • Press releases & announcements
  • Media Training for executives (Premium Offer)
  • Executive Presence & Public Speaking
  • Wellness workshops: yoga, meditation, healing et al.
  • Mentoring & training new joinees

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