Justice Shallow, Master Slender, and Sir Hugh Evans enter, speaking about Shallow’s anger at Sir John Falstaff. Evans changes this issue to your Anne that is young Page who he want to see Slender marry. They get to Master web Page’s door, where Shallow confronts Falstaff and their entourage. The males enter to dine, but Slender drifts around outside, trying unsuccessfully to speak to Anne web web Page until he goes in.

Falstaff along with his entourage settle in during the Garter Inn, where Falstaff reveals their intend to seduce Mistress web web web Page and Mistress Ford, each of who have control of their spouse’s cash, which he desires. He delivers Pistol and Nim to provide letters into the females, nevertheless they refuse. Rather they plot to stymie Falstaff’s plans by telling web Page and Ford of his motives.

Mistress Quickly foretells Slender’s servant Simple, delivered by Evans, and agrees that she’s going to consent to speak absolutely of Slender to Anne web web web Page. Her master, physician Caius, enters and encounters Simple. He becomes angry and drafts a letter to Evans when he hears about his errand. Caius too is with deeply in love with Anne Page and blames Evans for motivating Slender; ergo he challenges him up to a duel. He threatens Quickly, that has guaranteed him she’d encourage Anne to appear positively on him. Later Fenton goes into; he is additionally deeply in love with Anne and desires to understand if Quickly has related their affections to her.

Mistress web web web Page comes into by having a page from Falstaff.

She is amazed which he gets the gall to attempt to seduce her and miracles just how she’s going to look for revenge. Mistress Ford seems along with her letter that is own they discover is precisely the exact same. They choose to lead Falstaff on until he could be ruined and humiliated. Mistress Ford agrees to something that will not harm her honor. Meanwhile, Pistol and Nim enter, conversing with Ford and web web Page; they expose Falstaff’s plans. The husbands are surprised. Web web web Page does not think their spouse will be seduced by Falstaff, but Ford is horribly jealous and convinced their spouse will dishonor him.

Shallow as well as the Host of this Garter Inn enter with news of the battle between Caius and Evans. Web Page goes together with them to view, while Ford makes a deal with the Host to be introduced to Falstaff in disguise, in order to learn how long Falstaff has gotten in the plan.

During the Garter Inn, Quickly goes into with an email from Mistresses Ford and web Page for Falstaff. She states that Ford will undoubtedly be out of the next morning, and Mistress Ford should be anticipating a call from him. Mistress Page have not yet gotten her spouse to go out of the home, therefore she’ll make a night out together at a time that is later. Then Ford goes into in disguise, announced beneath the true title Brooke. He tells Falstaff which he’s deeply in love with Mistress Ford, but that she’s got constantly rebuffed their improvements, claiming that she is too honorable to cheat on the husband. He asks Falstaff to seduce Mistress Ford, thus destroying her honor, him down in the future so she won’t be able to turn. Falstaff reports their date the next early morning with Mistress Ford. Alone, Ford curses his spouse for getting ready to cheat on him and believes web Page is silly to trust their spouse.

Caius awaits Evans with regards to their duel, but Evans is nowhere can be found. Meanwhile, Evans happens to be wandering around interested in Caius. They meet and prepare to battle. One other guys simply just take their swords away, and Caius and Evans talk quietly to one another of these suspicion that the Host has plotted to create them appear to be fools because he scorns Evans for his Welsh accent and Caius for their French one. They agree to interact to have revenge from the Host.

On the road right back from the fight, the guys discuss Anne’s wedding choices. Web web Page claims he prefers Slender, but their spouse prefers Caius. How about Fenton?, asks one, but Page dismisses him totally. Ford invites the guys back once again to his home to get Falstaff.

Falstaff is here at Mistress Ford’s home; he hides whenever Mistress Page is established. She will come in and talks loudly associated with the arrival that is imminent of, who angrily suspects their wife of cheating. Falstaff happens and asks them to assist him flee. He is hidden by them in a washing container. Ford along with his buddies enter as Mistress Ford’s guys carry the laundry away. Ford is not able to find Falstaff, as well as the Mistresses are doubly happy to possess tricked both Falstaff and Ford. They choose to humiliate Falstaff further within the solution of creating Ford conquer their envy.

Fenton and Anne Web Web Page talk.

He states her father objects to him because he suspects him of simply wanting Anne’s money, since he could be high-born but bad. Fenton admits that which was their intention to start with, but, since getting to learn her, he has got started to feel differently. Shallow, Slender, and enter; Quickly Quickly draws Fenton away, while Shallow attempts to get Slender to speak with Anne. Slender just makes a trick of himself by talking nonsense. Web Page along with his spouse enter, and so they invite the favored Slender inside. Fenton asks Quickly to continue to campaign on their behalf with Anne. Alone, Quickly notes him better than the other two men who have asked her to sway Anne’s opinion that she likes.

Falstaff gets to the Garter Inn, soaked after having been tossed into the river using the washing. Quickly comes into having a 2nd invitation from Mistress Ford. Ford comes into in disguise as Brooke and asks exactly how Falstaff’s date with Mistress Ford went. He informs just how it finished, but claims he’s visiting again that night!

Falstaff returns to have a peek at these guys Mistress Ford’s home, and once again Mistress web Page comes into immediately after. Falstaff hides, and Mistress web web Page warns Mistress Ford of her spouse’s approach. Just exactly exactly How will they hide Falstaff this time? He emerges and does not want to get when you look at the washing once again. Mistress Ford implies that he wear the garments of her servant’s fat aunt to flee in disguise. He does, so when Ford comes, he beats Falstaff and chases him away because he hates the fat aunt. Mistress Ford and Mistress web Page are happy; they think they will have proven their point, and they also opt to inform their husbands of these schemes.

Ford apologizes to their spouse for their envy, and he guarantees not to suspect her once again. They decide so it will be enjoyable to get results together to humiliate Falstaff publicly. They want to have Mistress Ford invite Falstaff to fulfill her in a wood that is allegedly haunted and they’re going to dress kids up as ghosts and monsters to terrify and embarrass Falstaff. Then, having caught him within the work when trying to meet up with Mistress Ford secretly, they could inform the whole tale all over city.

Fenton talks into the Host of a page he’s got gotten from Anne. She claims that her moms and dads wish to make use of the chaos of disguised young ones within the wood that is haunted a chance on her behalf suitors to elope together with her. Her mother desires her to perform down with Caius and her dad prefers Slender. Each instructs her to put on a certain ensemble so each suitor might find her. But she promises to deceive them both. Fenton asks the Host to greatly help him locate a vicar that will marry them that night.

Meanwhile, Caius and Evans avenge themselves in the Host by stealing three of their horses in a scheme which had him thinking he had lent the horses to 3 German lords on the option to the royal court.

Falstaff comes into the woods that are haunted.

The disguised kids conceal and wait. Ford and web Page and their friends arrive to look at, and Mistress Ford and Mistress Page approach Falstaff. He’s happy to see they will have both arrive at satisfy him. Then a noise is heard by them as well as the ladies try to escape. Falstaff is surrounded by disguised elves and ghouls and it is terrified. Mistress Quickly, playing the fairy queen, states they ought to you will need to burn off the individual they will have experienced, and then he is pure if he doesn’t burn. They burn Falstaff with candles and encircle him and pinch him.

Finally, the disguised kiddies depart, and Page and Ford enter. Falstaff sees which he happens to be tricked and humiliated. Evans informs Falstaff he should give up their lusts and informs Ford which he should trust their spouse. Meanwhile, all of them wonder where Anne is. Slender arrives upset; in the confusion, he eloped with a young kid in Anne’s ensemble. Then Caius gets in, in a rage which he has hitched a kid putting on Anne’s assigned color ensemble. Then Anne by by herself comes into with Fenton. Fenton scolds the Pages for having considered to deliver Anne into a married relationship without love. He and Anne have traditionally held it’s place in love, he claims, and today it is often finalized.